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[edit] Law

Jurisprudence belongs to the Mayoral Office alone. The Mayoral Office may appoint sanctioned and authorised representatives to dispense its jurisprudence at the varying London Courts of Law at its convenience and pleasure. Within London the following Courts of Law are hereby recognised; The Common Court, The High Court and the Mayoral Court. The following principle officers are recognised and appointed by the Mayor; Magistrates, Justices and Justices of the Mayor.

[edit] Legal Hierarchy

  • The Common Court (Magistrates: Landlords, Prisci and Freemen) - Civil
  • The High Court (Justices: Aldermen) - Traditional
  • The Mayoral Court (Justices of the Mayor) - Supreme

[edit] The Common Court

The Common Court will be convened for petty offences and those occurring within the specific holdings of subjects other than the Mayoral. In such circumstances another landholding subject will be appointed Magistrate, with the consent of the Mayoral Office, and will hear the case. It will remain within their remit whilst the matter remains petty. Should the Magistrate feel the matter will stray without their authority or remit, they may petition the Mayoral Office to have the case heard at Metropolitan Court. The sentencing powers of Magistrates extend to fines, short term incarceration or enforced torpor, and similar punitive measures of a corporal nature.

[edit] High Court

High Court will be convened once in every quarter year on a circuit around London. The High Court will hear cases of greater crimes, such as those involving Elysium and minor Breach of Traditions, as well as cases passed up by Magistrates. High Courts will be held by either an appointed Justice or Justices. Such Justices will be appointed by the Mayor and drawn from Aldermen. In normal session the High Court will not sit with a Jury. At the behest of the Mayoral Prince, the High Court may sit with either Jury or multiple Justices. Such is usually reserved for cases where significant doubt exists, and in the case of petition by external parties for the right to try subjects without London.

Justices hold the power to hand down longer and larger sentences than Magistrates. Should the case warrant it, and the Justice petitions the Mayoral Prince, the powers of a Mayoral Court might be conferred upon the High Court Justice, further extending powers temporarily (allowing the right to utilise Capital measures).

All cases involving breach of the Law against the Mayoral Prince will be Judged by the Mayoral Court.

[edit] Mayoral Court

Mayoral Court will sit only in exceptional circumstance. Such courts will be presided over by the Mayoral Office to hear cases between Aldermen and other notable subjects. Such Courts will hear actions concerning the holdings, reputations and the like of such subjects.

The Mayoral Courts reserve all powers invested under the Mayoral Prince and have the freest hand in sentencing. This court is free to prescribe final Capital sentencing and may invoke vendetta between feuding Aldermen or landholding subjects if no alternative may be found. This Court will specify the precise terms of vendetta between the concerned parties. Should either break those proscribed terms then they are forfeit and are subject to penalty therefore.

[edit] Appeal

The Mayoral Court represents the final Court and will hear appeals arising from the Lower Courts. The judgements of the Mayoral Courts are final and binding, there is no right of appeal from this Court. In cases heard at High Court, if one party is an Alderman they may petition to the Court to have the case heard by the Mayoral Court. Similarly, in cases heard at Common Court, if one party is a Landlord or Priscus they may petition to the Court to have the case heard by the High Court. In all such cases this right might only be invoked once per session of the Court and must be entered prior to the trial commencing. Failure to enter the request to the presiding Magistrate or Justice before the Court hears evidence invalidates the invocation of the right. Those Plaintiffs or defendants who request the case to be heard in higher courts, either by right or by plea agree to be bound by the decision of that court and waive the right to appeal for they have pre-emptively used such right.

The Mayoral Prince may at any time hear and judge any case or petition without holding Court should the need to do so be proven and clear as well as immediate.

Those individuals involved in cases who are not acknowledged legally as competent Citizens are without protection within London and are at the mercy of the attentions of the Mayoral Office’s sanctioned agents.

[edit] Trade

All trade conducted within the Bounds of Metropolitan London is done so at the risk of both vendor and purchaser, caveat emptor. Those seeking greater surety in their dealings may take them to The City of London, where under the observation of a duly appointed representative of the Lord Mayor both parties enter into a contractual arrangement which is binding by Law.

Dealings conducted herewithin will be binding by law, and record should be made in writing. All written transactions will require the presence of a representative of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners of the City of London, whom are hereby appointed as the official, and sole, agency for the witnessing and verification of transactions occurring within The City of London, by Mayoral Warrant.

Those dealings so witnessed will be subjected to a minimal levy to recompense the City for its protection of the contract. Such levy as is applied will be stipulated in the contract and recorded with the Worshipful Company of Scriveners of the City of London.

Within London this charter hereby provides for the holding of a maximum of one (1), annual Market within each major Ward per calendar year. Such a market will enjoy the protection of the Mayoral Office on all contracts (without levy). No market may fall within 3 clear calendar months of any other within any one calendar year. Such Markets are most likely to occur in relation to festivals and events of local significance, and it is encouraged for these to form a theme for the market held.

[edit] Lands, Honours and Dignities

All Lands, Honours and Dignities conferred with regards to areas of Metropolitan London are so granted at the pleasure of the Mayoral Prince. To claim, use or take such honours and dignities without leave of the Mayoral Prince is Personation to be prosecuted by Mayoral Justices.

Any grant of Honours and Dignities will be made by Letters Patent to the concerned individual. Such Letters Patent will form the basis of any claim or evidence against counter claim. The Mayoral Office in its grant of Letters Patent will define the exact Honours and Dignities to be received and likewise any Arms that may henceforth be borne.

Just as the Mayoral Prince may confer Honours and Dignities at will, such may they also be revised under deserving circumstances. Alternatively the Mayoral Prince may reissue Letters Patent further redefining or revising the specified Honours and Dignities held.

All Letters Patent will be registered with the Worshipful Company of Scriveners and Heraldic matters pursued with the College of Arms.

[edit] Mayoral Boroughs, Parks and Districts

The Mayoral Boroughs, Parks and Districts form seats of the Mayoral Prince within the territory of Metropolitan London. Under this Charter the Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, The City of Westminster, (include various high profile parks), the Districts of Southern Camden and Western Tower Hamlets are hereby incorporated as Mayoral Lands. Under such status these Boroughs, Parks and Districts enjoy extra rights and protections.

Only the Mayoral Prince may frequent these Boroughs without express permission, nor may any other possess property, host functions or otherwise utilise said Mayoral Boroughs without explicit authorisation of the Mayoral Prince.

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